”Truthfully, I don’t think murder is necessarily as bad as people make it out to be. Everyone dies. What difference does it make if a few bad apples get pushed along a little sooner than God intended? And your wife, for example, seems like the kind worth killing." 

​It turns out to be one of those insane speeches on which you kind of get  approximately persuaded with what it conveys despite the fact of how much terrible it sounds .

The kind worth killing by Peter Swanson is a thriller/crime novel,  padded with suspense and full of twists and turns . It all begins with a conversation between two strangers at the airport and end up with deciding to co-operate a murder , but not everything goes to plan ..
On a flight from London to Boston , Ted Severson meets an amazing girl named Lily Kitner. During the trip , the two strangers play a game in which they reveal accurate details about their lives , but what started with a joke between Ted and Lily took a serious turn when Ted almost seriously admitted that he wanted to kill his wife whom she was cheating on him . Ted was surprised that not only did the lovely mystery woman not startle with disdain , but heartedly agreed he should kill his wife and suggested she could help him to do so. After all some people are the kind worth killing .

Swanson creates amazing characters and complex plots , mostly those strong female sociopath types . Ted , the rich man who is devastated by his wife's betrayal and is easily convinced by Lily to go with the thought of killing his wife . Lily , the mysterious and most complex character in the novel who has dark history with murder and has a different perspective towards it. Miranda is Ted's wife , beautiful but selfish character who uses people for her own benefit . Brad , the couple's contactor and Miranda's lover and finally there is detective Kimball who comes into play later in the novel clearing the mysteries that have been going on .

There comes the plot , or that's what I thought before things turned upside down! What most captivated me and kept me reading is the amount of tricks and clues the writer has used. At the start , I thought I knew what was almost going to happen and for a moment I thought I'm reading a twisted but predictable tale . Well , I was bamboozled .

Each chapter of the novel has its own shocking part where you feel the urge to reread again to realize how the story could take this way and bloom off . I liked the duplicitous characters and the two-timing they tend to be but it was Lily who grabbed my attention most . She was this cold , suspicious , rigid and intriguing type of person . I didn't understand her at the beginning but throughout the events I got to understand her better as her secrets all come eventually into light . She's a complex character and I most enjoyed reading events through her perspective .

I'm glad I found such a thrilling book . I haven't been this thrilled and surprised in a while , since reading Agatha Christie novels I forgot how fun and socking it is to be thrown off your guard . I tried not to get too much into details as not to divulge the secretes the story contains and as not to be a spoiler .

Overall , the novel was sophisticated but clever , it fully grasped me and didn't let me go as it has many twists and turns , was full of tricks and clues here and there which kept my interest from the beginning to end. The novel also treats many issues: infidelity, murder, lies, betrayal , revenge and  more.

The ending was what made the whole sense to the story , and it was  the absolute only issue I had  which I both loved and hated. Give me more ! For me,  this wasn’t quite what I wanted to happen, and I'd have preferred if things went on another different way but it's a satisfying end to those who crave justice . 

After all , the novel is smart , full of unexpected twists . A must read for thriller fans who want to experience a tantalising dark tale .